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Welcome to our robotics club in Pittsburgh,PA.
I hope you find it interesting.
=Dan Roganti

Next Meeting !
Saturday Oct. 7, 2006,
 starts at 12:00noon

Check the Calendar link for the Agenda

Please Email  us to if you like to attend.

This month's meeting location is  Northland Public Library 
We have a meeting room reserved there, just ask the receptionist.

Checkout our new group project for this year, RoboSwarm 

Beginner's workbook available

Club Calendar for 2006

Interesting Facts About Pittsburgh

Hobby Shops in our area

Industrial Magnets we Use

Take a look at some photos from our first exhibit last year at
SciTech , held every year at the Carnegie Science Center

We made the headlines on, a successful  website for Robotics news.

Our newsgroup is open to anyone in the Pittsburgh area that is interested in robotics .Others may also join who aren't in the vicinity of Pittsburgh. You'll have to get a Yahoo screename to subscribe to this newsgroup. Then you'lll have access to messages, chat, files, etc.

        The Pittsburgh Robotics Society cannot happen without the help from our sponsors. For this community activity to continue we are looking for your support. This support will directly help our members in many ways and also provide recognition for your organization.Your donation is used to pursue activities which are rewarding and beneficial for our robotics club. The funds raised are used for things such as building exhibits, hosting events, renting space for competition, hosting workshops, buying/renting equipment, T-shirts, and to support our mission. Please contact us by email or visit us at the next meeting if you like to sponsor our group.

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